About Us

Our Mission

The New Orleans Men’s Circle is an association of men dedicated to developing generative masculinity through personal soul work, education, and dialogue with other men.

All men are welcome.


  • “an association of men” – An association, open to all men, that provides an opportunity for men to come to know each other well through attending the semi-monthly meetings and/or semi-annual retreats. That puts them on the mailing list and invites them to attend again. There is no obligation to continue to attend.
  • “developing generative masculinity” – If you like, masculinity can be viewed as being approached in stages: initiation, nurturing/healing, maturity, and then a fourth stage that is ‘generative’ in the sense of ‘giving back’ to the community, making it better through a man’s impact on his community and the world. We seek to provide a forum for such development.
  • “personal soul work” – Not just theory or talk, but something that goes deeper, that accesses a man at the level of his ‘soul’ through a variety of soul-touching activities such as speaking from the heart, drumming, poetry, art, mythic storytelling, journaling, role-playing, dream telling, smudging, etc., thus creating an environment for him to ‘do his work’ that may involve achieving new awareness that can lead to more congruence between who he feels he is and what he does in real life.